About Pag

Pag is a city of culture and tradition. It is a city of stone spells, the city of salt, lace, cheese and lamb.

Located in a quiet bay of the Pag island, where you will find crystal clear waters, beautiful beaches, unforgettable natural beauty of the Mediterranean region with a mild climate that has many sunny days during the year.

It is an ideal place for relaxation, entertainment, sports, enjoying the cultural events and authentic food specialties.

More about Pag

Pag attractions

Salt from Pag, a tradition over 1000 years old, authentic Croatian product.

Pag lace has been listed on UNESCO's list of intangible cultural world heritage.

Pag cheese is world-renowned authentic brand that has received many medals for quality.

Pag's Bay is full of small coves with sandy beaches, in the total length of over 27 kilometers.